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January 13, 2013
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You were staying over at the Nodric 5 house(well your in nyotalia so they are females). "Thanks for letting me use your sauna Tina," you smile. "it really helps me with stress." You hugged her.

"No problem _____, i really liked spending time with you!" You both hugged each other through the white towels that you had been wearing.

"getting a little saucey, i see, and with out me too?"

Tina squeaked in surprise and turned to the tall dane. "Marlene! You scared me!" Tina lightly put her hand on her raceing heart. You blushed. "______ and me were just getting into the sauna! thats all!"

"OOoooohhhhhh! Cheating on Swenden? Naughty-naughty~" The swedish women dashed into the room, glaring daggers.

"NO! Sweden! Denmarks lying!" You slowly walked back away from the argument. Not really caring, just hoping for your saftey.

You climbed the stairs to your room. You had a balcony, which you told the nordics that they were being to nce about. You took a qucik showere,then blow-dried your hair. You turned to get dress, you were just in your bra, under wear, and some boxer-shorts, and you saw him.

Daniel Héderváry, in your room, looking through your under wear. "D-DANIEL!!!" you screamed. "WHAT THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?" His head snapped up. His green eyes flickering up and down your body.

"Wow, dressed up for me? You really shouldnt have." He winked and stared directy at your breast. You quicky covered them, smacking your self in the process. "Well, sence you always turn down my request for a romantic evening, i was going to serenade you up..." he paused. "But seeingthat you couldnt hear me i clamed up your balcony and had so fun." He pulled up a lacey pair of underwear Denmark had given you. " and WHY do you not wear these?! I mean come on! your just such a tease!" You growled and pounce him, but sadly, like always, you missed and landed on your rugs.

"give that back!" you flushed. He shook his head and began to run down stairs.

"At least i can have you in my fantasy~" You ran to the door, about to go follow him, untill you realized that you weren't wearing a shirt. "damn," neither-the-less, you grabbed a shirt and headded out.

~nordic point of view~

"damn, what is that girl doing up there?!" Denmark whinned. "All the banging is making me think she is trying to murder someone!" She covered her ears. "I need a beer..."

"I will too, if you dont shut up..." the norwiegan girl growled.

"Oh come on Nora, at least give the dane mercy today." An icelantic girl face palmed.

"HI EVERYONE!!" Daniel yelled as he made his way to the door. "BYE EVERYONE!!!" A door slamed. You came racing down the stairs.


"did you guys have sex?"
"What kind of question is that?"
(I will love you if you can guess who said what...)

You ignored the questions and headed out side. You slammed the door open to see the hungarian racing towards the door.

"________! PLEASE DONT CLOSE THE DOOR!!!!" He screammed. you opened your mouth to say why, but you could SEE why.

Nickolai. He had knives on both hands running after Daniel. You would of laughed, but you were to scared. They were both on a Collision corse towards you. Options racing through your head.

1. close the door on both of the idiots...
2. close the door on nickolai and save daniel, then probaly die teirrably...
3. run for YOUR life,
4. Jump into nickolai's arms, and then probally 'become one' right then in there...

"HURRY UP DANIEL!!!" you hated your final decision. But, what are you going to do. Slowly, by slowly, you began to shut the door. Daniel, quicky snuck through, panting as he did so.



"Give me pack my panties." you held out you hand. He looked to your hand, then to your face. he scratched the back of his head.

"Well, funny story..."


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BELARUS HAS THEM?!" you raised you hand, ready to back-hand like a pimp.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT!" he held up his hands defensively. " I'll tell you wat happened!" You slowly put your hand down. "I was runing right? so then out of no where, Belarus came up and asked me where i got those. So i was like: 'there _______'s' and he got all like:

You didnt know to belive him or not. The fact that Belarus might have a crush on you was sweet. but then you remember how over protective he was. You didnt mind that, but you felt sorry for Dainel's sake. You frowned slightly, opening your mouth to say something-


Uh-oh, not this.


"_______! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE~" His voice sang sickly. "OPEN UP~ LET'S BECOME ONE! I'LL GIVE YOU BACK YOUR PANTIES~ not that you will be needed them..." he mummbled the last part.

You motioned for Daniel to run up stairs and hide. He quietly went up the stairs. You were about to aswell on till the flipping door was thrown off the hinges. the HINGES. You squeaked as he wrapped is arms around you. "I've found you~" He whispered in your ear.

"B-belarus! your constricting my air ways...!" you choked out.

"Hey! _______ is supposed to be with me!" Daniel came out. He got you arm and ripped you from Nickolai's grasp. Nickolai grapped your other arm pulling you towards him.

"i'm sorry, but _______ would never agree to that!" Belarus growled.

" SHE WOULD NEVER AGREE TO BE A PSYCHO'S BRIDE!!" Hungary raised his voice.


"NO, BUT I DONT STALK HER!" Daniel. screamed.

"fine! lets stettle this! in a compitition." Belarus' grip tightened on you.

"WHO EVER MAKED HER MOAN THE LOUDEST WINS!!" the hunagian declared.

" i wont share her with you..." belarus completly pulled you into his chest.

"Oh, its not sharing...just a friendly compition to win a madien's heart."

I know... a lot of peoples like doing this love-fest-triangle...
but whateerrrrr
hey, i might do a sequel
*le wink*
but who knows~
daniel's ending:[link]
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lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
I like option four~ XD
Shiatza Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Writer
Shit. This won't end well.
procrastinator-otaku Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Obsessedchick Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I liked it
procrastinator-otaku Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hehehe I'm glad you did
maylin-15 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Option 5. Beat both of them with my trusty book THEN run for my life before either of them wakes up.
frenchypants Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
Geez Nikolai that drop dead sexy too strong for a nation beast~~♥
procrastinator-otaku Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i knoooooooooww~
frenchypants Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
Canadian-girl17 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student Writer
I would have say

Sweden- " Outside "
Finland- " WHAT HAPPENED ?!"
Denmark " Did you guys have sex " that was pretty obvious if you know how denmark is and  who else would say something perverted like that?
Icenland- " What kind of question in that? "
Norway- " Hmmmmmm"
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