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February 14, 2013
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warning! Sense it's romano.. there is some bad words... but not a lot(like 3?)... so I won't put a mature tag on it...


Fucking Romano.

You two had never REALLY gotten along... but there was a connection. But still, you didn't get along. You hated the fact that he loved tomatoes some much. Not that you had a problem against it... I just really annoyed the HELL out of you. You were in your last class of the day, cooking. Sense there was only a few students, you and Romano were partners. Usually, tables had 3 to a table, but not you. Your in-class project was to make a valentines' cake.

Which, clearly, you and Romano had different view on what is should be.

"Really, Romano. Really?" You asked. You told him to get ingredients, but all he got was a basket of tomatoes. "Romano..." You lost your trail. You placed your head on the counter inside the kitchen. He just stared at you. "Roma... You just DON'T make a tomato cake... it sounds disguising... and it will probably taste terrible too."

"Excuse me?!" He snapped. Oh, boy... Not this again. "For your fucking information, tomatoes are delicious-  

"Yeah but not in cakes!" You cut him off.

Over the school year, due to your constant arguing, you two earned the nickname: "The married couple." You looked to your neighboring chiefs. They were sketching  the designs for their cake.

"Oi! France!" You called to him.

"Oui?" He turned around. Even though you hated France, you really wanted to be his partner... He seemed like a good cook. His chief make turned around as well, a British kid, well, England. Not to be rude, but France didn't even let him crack a single egg... or else the kitchen would somehow explode.

"Does a tomato cake sound good to you?"

They both scrunched up there noses. "A... Tomato cake?" You nodded. "Made out of tomatoes?" You nodded once again. England looked at Romano, then you. "Eh... have a fun time trying to get THAT to taste good..."

"No one asked you brows!" Romano screeched.

"Oi! Be nice Roma!" You snapped. You turned around, your red, plaid skirt shuffling as you did so. He gave you his typical: "What are you going to do about it?" look. You snapped your suspenders against your chest. "Well, I am the MAN of this kitchen!" His eyes snapped wide and he gripped you by your red tie.

"Are you pushing me bella?" He growled.

"Dunno, am I?" You both gave each other death glares. His eyes flickered form yours, to your chest. He blushed and turned away. "What's wrong Roma? Can't handle these puppies?" You motioned you your breast.

"I-I... er.... umm... N-never mind!" He scrambled out of the class room.

"Ah! Wait Romano! I was joking!" You called out to him, but he was already out the door. You turned to your teacher who gave you the ok to search for the feisty Italian. 'That's so unlike him...' you thought. 'Usually he would say something like: "What boobs?"' You sighed as you turned left, towards the garden. Where, probably, he would be munching on tomatoes. /You walked into the garden, pushing the white gate out of your way.

"Roma- UFFFFFF!!!" You fell on your knees, and to land directly in the mud. You turned around to see Romano and his bastard smirk. "Ha ha ha!" You faked. "Very funny!" He would often trip you, or bump into you, as a sign of "affection."

You knew very well what Romano's type of affection was! He always liked to play "hard to get." A.K.A.: He always acted like he hated you, but you knew that he very much liked you. He would never leave you alone to clean the kitchen even of both of you were going to be late for the bus; thus, forcing you two to walk home together.

He sheepishly held out his hand for you to take. You looked up at him. He hand his hazel eyes looking side ways, a light blush dusted on his cheeks. You smirked and pulled him down into the mud with you.

"Ch-Chigi!" He yelled as he landed right beside you. You laughed as you stared up at the fluffy white clouds. You turned your head to your left to see Romano looking up at the sky as well.

"Hey Romano?"  

"hhmmmmm?" He simply mumbled.

"Do you like clouds?" You said quietly. He turned to you. His hazel eyes met your (e/c) ones. He let his gaze drift towards your lips. (I fucking love clouds.)

"Yeah, if you like them. I guess I do." You tore your gaze away form him and propped yourself on your elbows. Much to Romano's dismay. You looked at the clouds once more. You gave a gentle smile as your eyes flickered in sadness. "_-_______?" You felt tears come out of your eyes as you closed them. Trying to force them away.  

"Yeah?" You said softly.

"I-I really like you... and I think you shouldn't be alone on Valentine's day... S-so... CHIGI! ______ WILL YOU BE WITH ME DAMNIT?!" He shouted.


"I-I know you rather be with someone like my idiot brother! Every one does! But if you just bare with me.. I can treat you right!"

"Romano... I already said yes...

                                                      ... so why do you keep crying?"  

His hazel eyes snapped in surprise. "You... wha?" You smiled and got up, then turned around and pulled him up as well. Both of you had dirt on your elbows, hands, and knees. You smiled and grabbed his white shirt with your muddy hands, causing the collar to turn brown. He cupped your cheeks as he brought you in for a sweet kiss.

You two pulled away as you brought your foreheads together. "You have a little dirt on your cheek." He whispered. You blushed and kissed him one more time.

"Like I give a shit."



"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU POTARD(potato+retard= potard)!"


there was the Romano you knew.
[link] <--- that is your uniform GUUUURRRRRRRLLL


...I may or may not love him more than Italy...

DON'T JUDGE ME BRO!:iconromanoragefaceplz:

guess who used hetalia as a substitute for a real boyfriend~(and live)

:iconevilromanoplz: don't know bella, who?

*Le gasp*
R-romano?! Whaat are you doing here?!

:iconromanopokerfaceplz: What do you mean bella? You wrote a story about me... so naturally I would come?

But... usually it's some one else... like Spain *Shivers* Don't remind me about him...

:iconromanorapefaceplz: Don't worry Ragrazza! As long as you are with me, Spain wont come close~

W-why are you making that f-face?

I am a comment whore! So comment to make me happy!

:iconromanoderpplz: <------- is it me? Or does romano's derp look extra derp-y to me?!?!?!
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