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February 11, 2013
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              “Some things don't last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there.”
                                    ― Sarah Dessen,


Forever was supposed to be a VERY long time. Longer than a person could even fathom. You just couldn't understand why? Everything was turning out fine... but then the universe is just fucked up like that, huh? And, now, even though we are separated, Italy, I can't understand,  

                             ...why you broke your promise of "Forever.".....


Just like any other cliché story, Italy rushed to carry you out of the church. You were swept off your feet in the Italians tanned arms, he carried you bridal style as he jogged down the stairs of the huge cathedral. You giggled as you clung to your once, stalker. Never ever, would you imagine you being in this situation. You would of never guessed someday you would be head-over-heels in love with the person who scared you the most in your life.

You got into the limo as Italy got in after you. With the window rolled down, you waved goodbye to your brother-in-law, Romano. He had a big smile on his lips, and tiny tears were forming in his crimson eyes. He was proud. "Don't do anything stupid idiota!" He yelled over the cheers.

Italy smirked. "Wouldn't dream of it." He rolled up the window as you sped away.

"Where are we going?" You tilted your head in confusion. He turned to you, then blinked.

"I can't say bella~ it's a surprise." He cooed as he brought you into his lap. He lightly kissed your lips. You blushed and turned away. "Aww~ come on~ don't be like that!" He whined at you. You huffed. As if the light bulb clicked on in his head, he got an idea. He licked your neck, very slowly, earning a shiver to erupt for your body. He began to kiss your soft flesh. Your heart pounding as he did so. He began to lightly suck the spot and play with the ends of your white dress.

"I-It-ITALY!!" You squeaked trying to push him off. "N-NOT IN THE CAR!?!?!" You pushed his chin away as he pouted.

"Awww~ but why?! We're married now!?" He exclaimed. He tried to pull you back to his body, but you tried to push him away. "Are you nervous ________?" He suddenly asked. You stopped and stared at him; shocked.

"N-nervous?! About what exactly!" You crossed your arms over your chest.

"About loosing you virginity... to me." He said bluntly. A blush burned it's way onto your cheeks. You felt like dying of embarrassment.

"w-wha....?" Was all that could form from your lips.

"Because if you are wondering if I'll be 'gentle'... I will. I would never do anything to hurt you, mi bella _______." He looked to the side. Almost shamefully. Your facial expressions softened. 'He really is just one big softy...' You cupped his cheeks and forced him to look at you dead in the face. A warm smile graced your lips as you met his purple eyes.

His face was really quite adorable. He had his purple eyes widened in surprise. A settle blush made its own way to his tanned cheeks. His cheeks looked like they were in a pout because the were squished together by your hands.

"No, it's my fault. No need to be so hard on your self." You kissed his nose. "After all, I-I am the one who is not ready..." You trailed off. You blushed, your ears becoming red as well. He smiled , for once, a happy, genuine smile. He was about to kiss you one last time...

"We are here sir." The German accent flooded into your private moment. You blinked.. Then he blinked. 'Perfect timing as ever Germany...' You thought as you got off Luciano. Who, got up and opened the door for you. He took your hand in his gently and lead you out. A privet jet greeting you. The engines roared as you stared at it, your eyes popping. Italy got out of the car and began to help you out as well.    

"W-woah!" You jumped in joy.

"Come on bella, we don't want to be late." He ushered you inside.

"But wait! I left Iggy in the house!" You cried out. Luciano shook his head and pointed to the window, where, Iggy was taking a nap. 'Damn cat...made me worry.' you thought. You sat down on one of the many resting areas of the jet.

"Hold on tight bella, it's going to be a long ride."

                                     ~time skip~

Long wasn't as long as you remember. It was only 3 hours. You gasped as you ran out side. The warm sand welcoming your feet as you took steps closer to the crystal blue waves. You began to splash around, the luke-warm water flying all around you. By this time you had changed into a simple white sun dress, it had one inch long straps.

"Come bella!" Italy called to you. You looked at him then made your way out of the ocean water. The breeze moving your hair slightly. Once you were next to him, he wrapped his arms around your waist. "We have 2 weeks with just us on this island... by ourselves." Usually, you would of freaked out to be alone with his killer, but now you didn't mind. "After the 2 weeks, we could probably go somewhere else, like maybe Greece?" He asked. You nodded.

The ocean was so clear. The Gentle shades of blues was all you could see. The sun was nice and bright, the only thing else in the sky was puffy clouds some- 100 miles away. It was all ocean. "Say, Luci, where are we exactly?" You questioned.

"One of the private islands off of Sicily... just a small one." He smiled as he opened the door for you. You were led into the house. The warm sunset colors in the distance welcoming you. Before you could even look at the house properly, Italy's tanned hands snaked behind you. "Bella, if you are ready... I am." He whispered into your ear. You gave a sigh, then turned to him. Your arms wrapping around his neck.

"Ready... just be, gentle... ok?" You said barely above a whisper. He nodded, then laid you on the bed, softly.

"Of course _______, I really do... love you."

                                            ~time skip~    

You woke up with Italy next to you. You turned to see him, peacefully asleep. You smiled and ruffled his hair. You got up and looked at the scattered array of clothes. You blushed and picked up a pair of his boxers and a dress shirt to wear, being that you were naked and all. You got up and decide to make breakfast for your new husband.

You hummed as you walked down the stairs. 'So peaceful.' You thought. You were just about to get out a pan to fry eggs.


"DON'T MOVE! GET DOWN!" You screamed as two strangers grabbed you and pulled you from your arms backwards.

"LUCI! HELP!" You cried as they began to search the house.

"No, ________ __________, right?" One of them said. "We're here to help you." You looked at him with wide eyes.

"_________?!" Luciano screeched as he ran down the stairs. He had his usual tan military out fit on. He got out his pocket knife.

"DON'T MOVE LUCIANO VARGAS!" The one said who was holding you captive. "You are under arrest for the charges of kidnap and 10 charges of murder." You yelled. You began to thrash in his grip.

"No! Let me go! Luci! Luci! Help! I don't want to be away from you!" You felt the tears pool out from your (e/c) eyes. He growled and tried to lung at the two men holding you, but three more FBI agents came from behind him. They grabbed his arms on either side of him, then slammed him onto the ground.

"Let me go before I rip your arms off!!!" He growled.

You cried as they began to pull you away from your lover. You began to kick and scream even more. Luciano let out an animistic cry before trying to escape there grasp. You Broke one hand away and out stretched it towards Luciano.

His amethyst eyes widened in horror as he watched you get man-handled out the door. He felt the tears weld up, the gush out as you cried even more. He was still on the ground, They roughly shoved his face more into the floor, then they handcuffed him.

"I'LL COME BACK FOR YOU BELLA! I WILL HAVE YOU IN MY ARMS AGAIN IF IT'S THEE LAST THING I DO!" He yelled at you as you were being dragged away. After you were pushed into a helicopter, you squeezed your eyes shut. Your tears feeling like they weren't going to stop soon. Everything was going well... Time went into slow-motion as the helicopter took flight, leaving Luciano behind on the island.  

Faintly, just faintly... you could of swore, just for one heard him say"


                                                               "... I promise..."  
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DID YOU?! :iconexcitedgermanyplz:

Plot twist!....cause I have no life...:icongermanystickplz:


ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT :iconludwigpukerainbowplz:!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:iconfinlandwtfplz: D-does that mean author-chan will stop writing?!

PFFFFT- Of course not! I actually want to open requests... but I worry no one will want me to write for them and I end up being a major FAIL. :iconprussiawinbadgeplz:


:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: wow... that's really sad....


:iconhorrifiedjapanplz: W-what will author chan work on after this is done?!

dunno... maybe forever-alone Valentine's day shots!

comments! and favs are always welcomed!
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