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February 9, 2013
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                "Your love has me trapped. I cannot move, I cannot breathe. But I don't want to be let go. Please don't ever set me free. You are my jailer I am your slave. I am yours forever. Until I go to the grave."

You woke up with wet cheeks. You glanced at the time, 3:00. You sighed and turned around, expecting Italy to be watching you or some shit...

he wasn't there.

You felt it in the pit of your stomach. Something, something bad was going to happen... something worse than what went down at Alfred's house a couple of days ago. You tossed and turned not wanting to have that sense in you. You turned to face the window,

"OH-" You bit your lip before you could say anything else. There was Italy. His purple eyes gleaming in the night. You guessed he didn't hear you because he just kept staring...and staring. You wanted to cry, but you didn't. He walked up to your bed. You wanted to curl in the corner and hide, but you couldn't. So you did the next best thing. You dug your face into the covers. He sat down on the edge of the bed, then, with a wet hand, he gently traced his fingers on your soft flesh.

Your heart beat against your chest, 'he's so scary...' you thought. You shut your eyes tight, wanting to disappear. You felt his breath in your ear as he breath harshly. "You like to toy with me don't you?...

                                    ....because I know you aren't asleep."

You woke up again. This time, to Romano's yelling. He pulled the covers off you as you tumbled to the ground. "Oi! Time to wake up~ The wedding can't happen with out the bride!" He said in a song voice.

"W-wedding?" You stuttered.

He ignored the question and got you up quickly. He shoved you to the bathroom. When you were inside you looked at the different hair products and body mists. He practically pushed you into the shower. "Take a shower ragazza! The make-up and hair person will be here 7:00 sharp!" He called and hurried out the door. You looked out the window, the freaking sun wasn't even up yet!

"What time is it?!" You questioned. Romano came back with a pure white robe.

"Can't you get undressed yourself? or does my fratello have to do it for you?" He ignored question once again. He placed the robe on to of the sink. "Hurry up! unless you want to be late! We still have to pick your dress, I'll have you know!"

You blinked. So confusing! You followed his orders and stripped, then took a shower.

It wasn't until 15 minutes later Romano came storming in. "Times up!" You wrapped the towel on your hair, then got the robe and wrapped it around your body. You were pushed into a chair, the make up and hair artist smirked devilishly.

"I will make you fabulous!" They exclaimed.


Italy waited by the priest nervously. Well, he wasn't really a priest, it was more like the jack-ass Spain... At least he was some what religious right?(I am so sorry, I really had no idea here...but it's 2p!Spain! so, please don't hate me or anything) Next to him was Germany, and next to him, was japan. The seating was filled with country's and close human friends. But none of your friends or family.

Italy tapped his foot nervously, she was coming. He brother had called. They were on the way. His eyes followed the white runway you the French doors, where, you would appear suddenly.

                              ... and that you did.

You walked down the aisle, no freaking idea about the people who stood up. The strangest part was that ROMANO was walking you down it. You linked elbows as your facial expression was written with horror. He turned his head slightly into your ear, whispering:

"If you say no, I will slaughter you."

You shivered as you walked in your in your high-heels. You looked directly a head at Italy. His face brightened at the sight of you.

Your wedding dress elegantly designed. You had a white corset on, that when up to the start of your hips. It ended when it got to just below you bra, there, there was a white ruffled fabric that cupped you breast, enhancing them greatly. There were one-inch straps that went on your shoulders. You had mid-arm length black gloves on. Your veil was so long, it went longer than your breast. there was a single blood red rose that was on the right side of your hair. (omg i found the image…

Your hair, oh god, your beautiful hair. It was down in wavy-curls.

You got in front of the Italian man. he wore only a black suit. With a red undershirt. He smirked brightly at you. Your breath hitched as he took hold of both your hands.



You looked around, biting your lip, roughly. The priest-person started.

"Blah, I can't believe I am doing this." His rough voice cut threw the silence(keep in mind this is 2p!spain). "So I'll just start with the parts I know." He cleared his voice. "Dearly beloved ass-holes, we are gathered here for the marriage of ______ and this lucky son-of-a-bitch, Italy....uh, blah blah blah..." Well, he was a professional. You thought sarcastically. You stared at Italy, as he stared back at you. "So, do you Italy, take ______ to be your law-fully wedded wife?"

"I do." Italy couldn't hide his smile any longer. He squeezed your hands reassuringly. Then Spain turned towards you. "Do you _______ take Italy to be you lawfully wedded husband?" You looked down, trying to fathom words to form. "Ya don't have to if you don't want to." You debated your options here.

Italy, the one who stalked you. He did kill people on several occasions. Not to mention he kidnapped you. And his brother threatened you to stay with him. And he was likely to kill you too...

But then again, he stalked you out of love. And he did love you so much. He would never let anything hurt you. You squeezed his hands tightly.

"I do." You looked up at him and smiled warmly.

'Why not?'

The positives out weighed the negatives. There was something there. You kinda liked it that he was so possessive. You liked it that he would give up anything for you. You felt the feeling in your heart soar as the reality began to soak in. You really did fall in love with your stalker? The one who you feared so much less than a month ago.

...and you were damn happy about the fact.

Spain nearly choked in surprise. "U-uh, you may kiss the bride then?" Italy took no time following this order. He pulled you towards him as he smashed your lips together roughly. You both closed your eyes as the crowd cheered.

"AWWW Lookie Fran! They got married! She said yes! AWwwww France we should have our own wed-"

"Hell no."

You giggled as were pulled into a tight hug. Italy licked the shell of your ear.

"Now you are mine....

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Reader-chan's wedding?
I THINK YES! :iconspainheadbangplz:

pretty please comment und fav?:iconspainwant-plz:
last chapter was a complete FAIL :iconspainsulkplz:

I need da lovies....

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Uh, spain? You are like so much older than me!?

:iconpedobearspainplz: Your point is...?

*backs away slowly*

:iconspainrapeface2plz: Where do you think you are going?

U-uh! Com-comment and fav please?

Stalk you on the street?

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