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January 19, 2013
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                      "There was a time when our desire for each other would have landed us in an asylum or prison, had it not been sanctioned by mutual assent. True or false."
                           ― Lawrence Krauser, Lemon

Encounter number 5?

...You didnt want to go home. Not at all. Later that evening, you went to a friends house, Alfred's. You didnt tell him about your stalker...what would he do? Laugh at you, or just feel sorry.

Even though it was summer, the night had a chilling air to it. You hated those nights. You were wearing shorts and a tank top for the day, now you were borrowing Alfred's jacket at night. It fit like a dinosaur(does that make sense?). The jacket was longer than your shorts. Making you look like, what you thought, a slut. The bomber jacket was easyily recognizable to your stalker.

"CAGNA!" The italian raged to catch your attention.

Oh. Shit.

You quickened your pace to your house. Your black combat-boots slapping against the cold pavment. You were so scared. Very scared. And it was night, so no one would see what he was going to do to you.

"Hey! I'm-a talking to you-a!" His italian accent slipped out. A rough hand yanked your wrist backwards. Your hair flew as he pulled you towards him. You let out a surprised cry. He glared at you with killer eyes. "Just what the fuck do you think you are wearing?" his calm voice hissed.

"a-a jacket?" You flinched waiting for your doom.

"Dont play smart with me!" He yelled at you. "WHO'S jacket are you wearing?!" His iron grip increased ten-fold.

"S-stop! Luci! Your hurting me!" You cried using his nick-name. His eyes softened as he slid your wrist out of his hand.

"Bella...I...I'm sorry." He hugged you as you squirmed in his arms. "You know how protective I am, Yet you werent there. And i stared to get worried. I was almost going to kill your mom!" His eyes began to be glazed with insanity. "But oh well...another day!"

You pushed him away in pure terror. "f-freak! Stop stalking me!" He raised a brow.

"Stalking? HAHAHA! dont think to highly of yourself girl!" He turned around, twirling the switch blade in his hands. "any way, you better get into your house. Night is on the way, and i dont want any think to happen to my prey." You nervously rupped your wrist, the already forming bruise acheing. "I left a present~"

You slammed the door. Locking it right after. You saw Iggy and nearly cried. You fell to your knees hugging the cat. "Did he do anything to you Iggy? Because if he did..." Your mom came into the room. Staring at you like you had finally lost it for hugging your cat and sobbing uncontrollably.

"You know ________ if you like him that much, then you could marry him." She joked. Your head shot up and glomped her. "Woah _____, i will be here for a long time ya know" Thats what you worried about.

After the drama scene, you went up to your room to find your stalkers present. It sat there in your bed. A white shallow box, and a blood red ribbon wrapped around it. You shyly opened it, a necklace inside. It had a tear-dropped shape ruby in the center. The silver chain sparkyling in the light. A shiver ran down your spine, indicating,

he was watching.

'better to play along with his game.' you though. You lifted the necklace up, with a big, stupid smile plastered on your face. 'Excitingly' you ran to the mirror clipping it around your neck. You lightly touched the ruby, and headed to bed.

~encouter 6~

3:30 am

The sleeping girl layed in her bed. Tired emotionly from the fear. Her window gentaly oped by itself. The italian slipping skillfully inside. This amythst eyes sticking out in the darkness that surrounded his light.

He walked quietly to you. He reached for your covers and slowly slipping under then, his hands wrapping around you, pulling you closer. He cupped your cheeks, giving you a soft peck on the lips.

"buonanotte ... il mio amore, la mia sanità mentale."


"what. did. he. do..." You quietly sat down on your bed. Holding your hand mirror in your shaky, unstable hand. you examined you face thurally. No cuts, no nothing.


but not yours.

It was smeared all over you cheeks, your waist...

                                         ...and your lips...
i love stalkers, just the oneswho dont stalk me lol
part UNO:[link]
next is up:[link]

And yes, just incase you are wondering, 2p italy does come into your room everynight, at 3:30 am exactly. He just does it so fast, you dont even know.

cagna- bitch
buonanotte ... il mio amore, la mia sanità love, my sanity
i love EVERY hetalia character, some more than others...
comments and favs are appericiated!!!!
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Kityluv Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You threatened my mom?
-lekicks in crotch and pulls out knife- >:D
If he tried to threaten my mom…oh boy that would be interesting…
procrastinator-otaku Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If some one threatened my mom like that. To hell with beings scared, id be pissed beyond hell. They wouldn't survive.
2Ps deserve their own show!!!!
procrastinator-otaku Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah or at least an episode 
neigma Oct 2, 2013  Student General Artist
bluteddybear23 Sep 18, 2013  Student Writer
How did he get into the house.....and I want an iggycat....
procrastinator-otaku Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
everyone does
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