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February 5, 2013
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        “I think the very word stalking implies that you're not supposed to like it. Otherwise, it would be called 'fluffy harmless observation time'.”
                                   ― Molly Harper

You groaned very loudly as you came back form you unconscious dreams. You sat up and rubbed your head. You got up from the large king-sized bed as you made your way to the window. You slowly opened the thick curtain as you gasped. The Leaning Tower of Pisa in your sight. You zeroed into the target, it was night fall and there were large lights from the bottom that lit up the icon. You gasped as the stars came into view as well. Yep, definitely in Italy.  

"I see you are awake now, Bella." You didn't turn to see the Italian man. Slowly, you let the curtain fall back to its original spot. "Silent treatment?" He hummed. The quiet Italian night was the only answer to his question. He frowned. "Come, _______. I want you to meet someone." He shyly grabbed your hand and led you down one of the two wooden stair wells. They swirled around to face the main entrance, which had a chandelier. You focused on the 'clad' of his dress shoes firmly stepping on the marble floor.

He sat you down on the long oval dark-wood table as he made his way into the kitchen. You sat there awkwardly, trying to distract yourself with anything. You noticed that there were three chairs on either side of you. You blushed catching the hint that Luciano wanted a big family. You attention soon was directed to the bowl of pasta being placed in front of you. You poked it with your fork hesitantly. 'Seriously? Does all this guy eat is pasta?'

"It's not poisoned if that is what you are wondering." Luciano's voiced perked up. You smiled sarcastically at him."_______, please speak Bella. I'm begging you." He almost whined desperately. You just focused on eating your pasta. He sighed in defeat as he walked his way towards you.

Your body stiffened as the psycho-path made his way towards you, step by step. He gently set a box down in front of you. "Open Bella _______." He said. You were hesitant, what if it was some decapitated head? Or a human heart? You read stories about these things and red flags were going off in you head. You cautiously reached for the lid, then lifted it up.


Holy Roman Empire.

"Iggy?!" You cried. You reached into the box and cuddled the fur off him. He meowed and licked your face lovingly. You kissed him on the nose. Something caught your (e/c) eyes. Connected to Iggy's collar was a ring. The ring was a small band of sliver with a pea sized diamond on the center.

You blinked twice.


Wait...not this again...

"W-well, sense we are getting married, I wanted to give you a proposal ring." He sounded more nervous than ever. Which freaked you out. "To symbolize that you are mine." You looked at him then the ring(my precious~(Lord of the rings anyone?)) stupidly. You could see the slight blush of his tan cheeks. "Here let me help you..." He untied the ring from Iggy's collar as he slipped it on to your finger. You stared into his amethyst eyes as he did so. "Any ideas for a wedding dress?" He asked.

"Get me a computer and I'll find one." You said quietly.


"Murders in (hometown)" You looked around to see if Italy was watching what you had typed. You found your local big-time newspaper as you clicked the article.


The fine print read. Your breath hitched at the "DEAD MOTHER" part. But neither-the-less...

They were looking for you.

You looked further, but found out nothing about Alfred. Maybe...If you go to the American Embassies, and told them you were kidnapped, they would help you. After all, you were an American citizen.

...But you didn't have a pass-port.

You sighed in defeat, slouching your shoulders. Iggy meowed at the window ceil, so you went up to it. Looking at the Tower of Pisa and the different array of Italian flags waving tall and proud, you sighed. You turned to Iggy sadly.

"Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore Toto..." You joked at the movie: "Wizard of Oz."

"Bella! Come down, there is someone here to congratulate us!" The Italian sounded more than happy. You huffed and exited out of the interweb, and walked down the stairs. You walked up to Italy and crossed your arms. He pulled you by your waist to face a man. "This is my wife! Well, soon to be wife." You eyes meeting oh-so-familiar ones yet again.

"Eh? _______?" He asked.


"________? How do you know my brother?" Italy questioned.


All of you.


Could he be my....

:iconiggyisnotamusedplz: IGGY SHALL NOT FORGET THIS!

pervious: [link]
next: [link]

I don't know why...but I had a lot of trouble making up this chapter...:iconpokerfacejapanplz:

Well, anyway,

YOU'RE IN ITALY!(not in the perverted way)


I don't know why, but all the hetalia-derps make me laugh WAYYYY too much...


comment and let me know you still like this story~
....seriously, I feel like a whole bunch of people grew tired of this story :iconromanosulkplz:

see you in your dreams!
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