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January 25, 2013
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                “Sketchy black van? Weird stalking of my house? What are you going to do next, offer me some candy?”
                           ― Hannah Harrington, Saving June

You spent the whole hour with that mad man. It was mostly a one sided conversation, whenever you talked, he would listened intently to every word you uttered. You almost feel asleep due to the calmness of his smooth voice.  Often times, he would say little things in Italian to try and sooth you. It didn't work.  

Bastard most of put something in the food….

You blinked as you felt a fever coming on. You lightly touched your forehead…yep. It was hot. “L-listen, Italy…I don’t feel so good…” You said in a meek voice.  He head snapped up and his eyes flashed with concern. “I’ll take you home the… bella.”  He stood up and snapped his fingers. Servants rushing to clean up the mess. The tall blonde appeared once again. “Listen Germany, mi princessa is not feeling well, take her to the car at once. “ He nodded and picked you up bridal style. Your weak hand reached for his shirt.

“Wait…where are you going?” You whispered softly. He gave you a small smile and kissed your heated forehead.

“To take care of some business bella.” He turned around and headed to the kitchen as you went out the door.

“POISON MY BELLA, HUH?” You heard Italy shout at the cook.

“I’M SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW!!” Heard a voice beg.



You fell asleep.  


You awoke on your back with Iggy on your stomach, you cried. “IGGY!” You shouted as you glompped him.  He meowed in annoyance.  You look up.  This was not your home. It was made for a queen. Almost everything was a DARK red color. The portrait of you and Luciano hanging on one of the walls you were facing. You felt his presence. “Thanks, Luci…” He chuckled and came out of his hiding spot.  

“You’re getting good bella~” He sat down next to you, feeling your cheeks lightly. “…It seems the fever is gone…” He smiled warmly and pecked your lips.  

“Luci… what did you do to the cook?” You asked seriously. He blinked and pulled you into his chest.

“Don’t worry ______, you don’t need to know about such a ugly thing.” This made your stomach flop.  You wrapped your arms around him. “Bella~ you have nothing to worry about…Now no one can separate us~” He licked the shell of your ear.  You shivered as he laid you down onto your bed, licking your neck sexually. You tried pushing him away with your hands, but he caught them and held them, leaving you defenseless.  You whimpered as he tugged at your shirt.

You did not like this.  You were no comfortable with you being in your stalker’s house.  You weren't happy at the fact that he moved you into this… place without your permission.  You especially hated the fact that he was going to take you right there. I mean sure he was hot, but he was obsessed with you. You could tell with this, he would win you over.

You growled and shoved him off.  He looked surprised, then VERY angry. You bit your lip, trying to calculate your next move. You got a blanket that was on top of you, and threw it at him, causing his attention for one moment.


The simple statement thundered in your ears. You dashed out the door and down the twisting stair case. Great, a two story house. You cried as you heard him scramble to after you.

“DON’T THINK YOU CAN RUN AWAY _____! I WILL HAVE YOU SOME HOW!” He outstretched his hand, (h/c) tips just barley on the tip of his fingers. You were so close. So close in his grasp, if only he could just…

He tripped, causing him to fall and trip you too. You flew five feet away from the main door, he, was just three feet behind you. You got on your hands and knees and crawled to the door, using the door knob as a helper to stand. You fumbled with the locks and was out the door.

“YOU CAN ESCAPE ME BELLA! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! I'VE BEEN INSIDE YOUR ROOM WHEN YOU SLEEP! I WILL MAKE YOU MINE!!!” He screamed inhumanly, his screeches could probably be heard to your house.  But you just kept running.

…and running…

You clutched your knees, gasping for air you so desperately needed. You ran a mile to your house, which only gave you time to think about how much you hate running.  You stopped in front of your house, your door strangely open…’No, no, no!’ you thought. ‘He…he got here before me?!’ You pushed through the door. “MOM! “ you cried. she was no where… “Mo-“

You didn't have time to finish your sentence, you tripped over something…no, someone.  You cried once again in fright as you saw the scene. Your mother’s face was bashed in. You got up to your feet and covered your mouth.

“Ah~ there she is~” A raspy voice called. You turned around to see behind you,


You felt him drag something, you looked down to see a baseball bat, covered in blood and nails.

“Hello doll face…” He smirked insanely.
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but i was like "NO! I SHALL WRITE THIS TO NIGHT!!!!"

:iconsexy2pitalyplz: author really likes it when you comment~ so i suggest you do so...unless you want one of us to be dead.
Your loss~
p.s. author is DYING!!!

Italy stop. I am not...yet.

:iconnorwayunfazedplz: Shouldnt you be writing about me pretty soon?

nah. i dont really have time...but your time will come soon!

:iconukenorwayplz: r-really?


wow, i really need a life...

Yes Alfred and 2p!america are the same person. Stop asking me.
Sorry to be rude but like several people have been Asking me this and it gets annoying after a while. Sorry if it wasn't clear to begin with, ((I think you'll understand better in the next chapter))
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