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February 7, 2013
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                                "And I don't care if you're sick,
                                I don't care if you're contagious.
                              I would kiss you even if you were dead.
                       Would somebody make me go blind for the rest of my life?
                              'Cause I'd do anything to hold your hand.
                                And I don't care if you're sick,
                                I don't care if you're contagious.
                                            ...Oh, no."
                                -I Don't Care If You're Contagious
                                         -Pierce the Veil


You could feel Luciano's grip tighten ten-fold. He breath somewhere lost in his throat. You just stared between the two 'brothers,' your (e/c) eyes flickering from one to the other. So, you were right... You knew there was a connection between the two Italians! You would've jumped in joy, but this situation was too terrifying. You gulped loudly.

"How do you know mi bella?" Italy hissed. Romano just shrugged in response.

"I met here on the street one day... And we just started to talk." He started to play with his golden locks. "How do you know her?" Luciano opened his mouth to say something.


But the words would not form. Romano turned to you. His red eyes gleaming in curiosity. "How do you know my brother, ragazza?" You licked your lips, hesitantly.

"He stalks me." You answered casually, causing Luciano to nudge you. You soon had a poker-face on, knowing what you had just said. Romano stared at you, then his brother.

"Oh, well, I guess that's it then~" He chimed and twirled around to the living room. You and Italy just stood there like awkward potatoes(GERMANY). He stopped just before the door way. "Well, are you two love-birds coming? Or are you going to make-out?" He teased. You blushed bright red. And pouted.

"Oi! Come back here!" You stomped towards him, embarrassed. He giggled and ran into the living room. Leaving Italy to think to him-self. He signed and shook his head.

'... Something isn't right...'
You were forced to sit down RIGHT next to Luciano...and when you mean RIGHT, you meant so close you could hear him breath. You sat there with Iggy in your lap. You sighed in annoyance and boredom...

They were talking in rapid Italian. 'Dumbass...' You thought. 'Can't even trust his own soon-to-be-wife.' You looked at the grand-father clock, 9:43... There was a solid silence as the talking was soon cut off.

The gentle melody of the clock almost putting you to sleep. You leaned your head on Luciano, you could feel him tense up as you did so. His eyes darted from you, back to his older brother.

~Luci's point of view~

"What you are doing is wrong!" My older brother snapped at me. If _______ wasn't here, we probably would have been at each other's throats. My right fist clenched my pocket knife. The Bella was on the left of me. I took a deep breath as I tried to calm myself. 'Don't loose control Italy....Don't loose control...' My purple eyes probably looked like I was ready to skin him alive, his red ones reflecting killer instincts as well.

"Haven't you been in love before?!" I snapped.

"You don't know what love is!" He hissed.

"I am attracted to her. I don't want to kill her...Every time I touch her...I just can't get enough..." I paused, looking down shamefully. "I want to have a happy family with her... And I will murder anyone who touches her! Including you!" I barked at him. He either must have been surprise, or scared shitless. "I fucking killer, like me....seduced by a young girl who probably cant even defend her-self for the life of her..."



Was the one emotion I hated the most. I hated it because...

It was such a huge part of my life. When My parents left me and Roma with Nonno(gramdpa), he took us in out of pity. Not love, just pity. When Nonno died, and me and my brother were left on the street like some piece of trash, they gave us food...out of pity.

Never love.

Never acceptance.

Just alone, Wondering for love.

"What if I snap?"

"What if I hurt her."

...She took me in out of pity too...

                                                      ....just like the rest....

kill her.

Killer her NOW.

............................................................before you get hurt...

I stormed out of the room, leaving a surprise ________ alone with my brother. I turned away before I could see here precious (e/c) eyes. Questioning. Always filled with curiosity...

~Romano's point of view~

Both _______ and I flinched as the door slammed shut. Knowing him,  he was probably going to kill someone out of anger. I turned to ______. She stared at me with such determination. "Is there something you want to say!?" I snapped at her.

She turned away. Her (h/c) flowing as she turned her head to the side. "He kidnapped me you know..." She started. My crimson eyes widened in horror.

'I knew it! He never is going to change!...He'll never learn to love properly...'

She got down on her knees, her hands by my feet. She wouldn't look at me though, her
(h/l) hair falling off her shoulders, obscuring her's eyes.  

"Please.... Save me..." I heard her choke out.

~your point of view~

"No." He said so carelessly. Your fist clenched. This is not how it was supposed to turn out.... no, Romano was supposed to save you.... This is all wrong. "I won't."

"W-WHY?!" You shouted your head snapping up to face him. You were crying, the salty-tears falling off your cheeks. Your (e/c) eyes filled with hatred and confusion.  

"Simply because I can't." Romano answered. You HATED him. Why? How? He was practically leaving you to die here. Where...where was the light at the end of the cave?

                             Where was your fairy tale?

I sighed as I watched ________ wipe her tears and run up the stairs. Leaving me alone to think over the after math.

How trouble-some, now two people mad at me.

"It's not that I have anything against you or anything...I just can't" I sat there in silence. "I won't."

                              "Not for my brother's sanity..."

                'This truly is... a messed up, sad excuse for a love story...'  
Pierce the Veil lyrics :iconenglandcryplz: so goddamn beautiful...

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DOUBLE DIGITS EVERYONE!!!:iconexcitedhongkongplz:

I was really super-duper happy with da feedback

I thought everyone was tired of the story cause the favorites on this story Is going down :icondespairicelandplz:

It's because everyone favorites the first part, then uses the links for here on out

They made me so happy ;A;
Danke for the many watcher too!!!!

This story really helped me get "popular"


:iconromanorapeface2plz: HE IS JUST SO HAWT!!!!

....but let's get real, this is his 2p!

hope you enjoy ^^


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