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January 22, 2013
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                  “I had taken the photograph from afar (distance being the basic glitch in our relationship), using my Nikon and zoom lens while hiding behind a fake marble pillar. I was hiding because if she knew I'd been secretly photographing her for all these months she would think I was immature, neurotic and obsessive.
                         I'm not.
                         I'm an artist.
                         Artists are always misunderstood.”
                                   ― Joan Bauer
                              (i changed it up..)

                     "I won't leave without a good-night kiss..."
His words seemed to be mocking you. You kissed him. You kissed your stalker. You moaned and banged your head on the dining table. Morning seemed to sprout right up now that you had one night to YOURSELF. Yep that's right, after you kissed him, you could no longer feel him stalking outside your window. You wondered where he went. You sat up and sighed, bringing your cereal bowl to the sink. "Where are you?" Iggy meowed as if he answered your question.

"You're still the only man of me Iggy~" You cooed and gave him an Eskimo kiss. You heard a knock on the door and went to go answer it.

A note.

                          'The picture of you,
                           I drew so soon.
                           Anything for your love,
                           these binds to free me of...'

It was written in a RED, like suspiciously red ink. It was also curse so you kinda found it hard to read. You by now you already knew it was that creeper Italy. But either way, you couldn't help but smile at the cheesy poem. You turned to see another box; it was almost half the size of you. It was wrapped in tissue paper. Once you ripped that away, you knew what it was.

A canvas.

A portrait of you...
                             ...and him.

It was a scene from what looked like your wedding day. Except you were under water. You elegant snow-white gown flowing to the left of you. You had a white glove that matched his. He had on an elegant black tuxedo that flowed to the right. You too were in an almost kissing pose. His hands cupping your cheek to usher you into the kiss. You both had your eyes closed happily, the smiles on your lips just like his. He also painted a blood red string that entrapped you both together, making you two one(if you can get the picture, because I am bad at describing, it's here:  

You too, had been entrapped in the beauty of the portrait. The beautiful colors, the way he made you too look endlessly happy. You couldn't stop staring. Your (e/c) eyes began to be glazed with tears.

                                        ...he really did love you...

You had gotten dressed and decide to go for a walk. Trying to clear your head from these confusions and emotion. You really didn't know what to do. You were trying to find out if you really loved Luci, or if you were flattered...Flattered at the fact that he noticed you. Flattered at the fact that he loved you for who you were. And that he wouldn't let anything hurt you, or that he would everything for you. Your emotion and reason were at an all-out war.

love, no, love, no

You always had two sides to this story. Your emotion soaring at the fact that here is a guy completely head over heels for you. Your reason scolding you, warning you that he's a psycho, and that he is a walking disaster.


"WAHHH!" You fell right on your butt.

" Ah! Mi dispiace bella!" The Italian blushed.

Your head snapped up as you heard his accent...just like Luci's...He held out his hand as an offer to take it. You did, and then he helped you up. You rubbed the back of your head awkwardly. His blonde hair shined in the sun light, his red eyes flickering up and down you, inspecting. "So, with an accent like that you must be Italian?"

He blinked in surprise. "Why of course bella! How did you know?"

You simply shrugged. "I know someone from Italy..."

"Romano (i don’t have a 2p name for him!)." He smiled warmly at you.

"_______," You paused. "So do you by any chance know Luci-"

You shook your head. "No never mind..."

He raised a brow, but left it at that. "Well, I better be going, you too bella...It's almost dark and real creeps come out at night."

Tell me about it...

You both went your separate ways. You unlocked the door, expecting to be greeted by Iggy, only, you weren't. Your heart fluttered in worry. 'He's always here to greet me...' You walked in closer to see yet ANOTHER present by Italy.

"Open Me"

It gave a simple command. So, you opened it.

The dress was a solid dark grey, lacing along the trims of the dress. A solid dark band ran through your mid-section. You also had on gloves that came to your mid arm, which were black. He also gave you a pair of gladiator shoes (yet again, the just without the tights.).

You thought: "What the hell...why not?"

As soon as you were dressed, Italy appeared. "Ah~ i see you finally listened to me for once~" His satin voice flowed in the air. "Now that you are ready, let’s go." He linked his arm around yours as you two made you way out the door.

"Go?! Go where!?" You shouted as you were pushed into a black, sleek limo.

"To our date of course~!"

The two of you arrived at a restaurant that served Italian food. 'Of course...' you thought. You were seated at a table that was on the second story, looking over the city and its beautiful lighted night sky. He pulled your hand across the table to link up with his. "This will be wonderful Bella." He said in reassurance. You huffed and pouted.

"I wish you could die with me..."He breathed.

3.2.1...creep alert!


You looked at him, your mouth open. "I'm going home!" was all you could manage as you got up, practically running to the door. But Italy had different plans. He snapped his fingers as two strong arms lifted you up and sat you on the table once more. You turned to see a TALL blonde haired man, with a scar on his cheek.

"Ah, I am truly sorry ______, but you need to stay here with me."

Your eyes widened in horror as he smile sadistically. "After all, I won’t bite~"


Red eyes twitched in annoyance as he watched the 'love-sick' duo. Knowing it was one-sided love. He grimaced as spat on the floor of the roof he used to spy on the (h/c) girl and Italy.

"Better watch your step Luci, the girl will be snaked from right under you~"
:iconomgamericaplz: I THOUGH YOU WERE DEAD?!

i know, becuase of skool und stuff, i probaly wont be able to update...

:iconp2romano2plz: Ah! Mi dispiace bella-Ah! i'm sorry beautiful

he's right ^^

:iconp2italyplz: comment and fav for me, ok bella?

:iconnorwaystareplz: i am serious about the comment

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