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January 18, 2013
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Italy walked aimlessly around his room. the sunset horizon colors seeping into his room. the queen mattress' sheets perfectly untouched. His hand creeped towards his pocket knife, fumbling with it nervously. 'she should be here...she should be here RIGHT NOW.' his temper got the best of him as he gripped the knife til his knuckles were white.

"Who is she?" Italy turned to his fellow axis member, A German.

"Excuse me?" Italy grinned. 'play it cool idiota...' there was a long tension in the air. the killer Italian turned his body to the German. tilting his head innocently. "I'm sorry, I thought you said something." he stated.

"If she makes you cut yourself with knives, you must have some kind of feeling there. i cant tell if you hate her, or love her..." Germany's buff, thick voice came to a halt. "Either way, I want to know who this girl is, and what kind of effect she has on you."  

Italy growled. "You found out so quickly?" He turned back to the two story window. A (h/c) female quickly making her way into her house. A sigh of relief hit him. For once, sense you met, he was able to breathe. "Personally, i don't know, either way...I will find out."


You escaped from the cold air into the warm and pleasant house. "MOM! I AM HOME!!!" Her response was silence. You shrugged and got out a bag of cat food. "iggy! Come here~" you called to the cat(you cat is regular cat iggy, cause lets face it, who doesn't want a iggycat?). The cat meowed showing his presence, which was at your feet. "IGGY!!! KITTY KITTY!!" you shouted loudly as you picked up the cat.

You fed him the treats you got from the store. he purred as you brought him to the couch and sat down in front of the tv. "Your the only man for me huh?" he stared up at you and give a swift nod and snuggled up to your chest.

You felt like you were about to doze off any minute.


Ok you knew your neighbor hood was nothing to be proud about, but gun shots? and that close?


'was that the front door?!' you tried to calm your self, frozen in time because you were scared shitless. Iggy's hair on the back of his neck stood up. He began to hiss. Ok animals always had a 6th sense or something. You shot up just as a knife graze your cheek, and lightly trailed down to your neck for the second time today.

"Oh bella~ I almost forgot something~" the smooth voice called from behind you. Your mind raced back yo how you first met him.

the crazed Italian.

your crazed Italian stalker.

~encounter number uno~

4 days ago

You dragged the heavy body back to your house. You carried him on your back your elbows linked around his. He smelt of blood and smoke, two of the things you hate most of all(i hate smokers). His brownish-red mob of hair covering his bruised up face. The tan-tattered military uniform covered with blood, but not with his, which made you uneasy. Neither the less, being the stupidly kind person you are, you decided to take him under your wing.

You (accidentally) dropped the body as you unlocked the door to your house, Iggy welcoming the guest with curiosity. You dumped him on the couch and began to treat the mysterious man.
"It's been HOURS and that man has not woken up yet Iggy!" you sighed in defeat over the stove. you decided to cook home-made pasta to impress the handsome stranger, but it seems your plan is falling.

"I will always wake up to a women's home made cooking~" the smooth voice chimed. You winced and dropped the wooden spoon. You heard his footsteps behind you, and you turned around slowly.

"I-I see you are feeling better! I-i'm so glad... i thought you had a concussion." You scratched the back of your head. He didn't stop. He was a hairs length away from you. You held your breath.

"You were worried? For a complete stranger? I don't know if that's sweet, or stupid." he stared into your (e/c) eyes. Searching your soul. You slightly flinched at his words.He grabbed your cheeks, and licked oh so slowly from your nose, to your fore-head. The saliva covering his path of destruction. He laughed at the blush of your cheeks. "well, i am off..." he Kissed you on the lips lightly, making your stomach do flips...then he just left, like he said he would...

"Oh, I will be watching you as decide what I should do to you..."

~second encounter~

3 days ago

You had never been the same ever sense. Always looking over your shoulder. It sounded more of a promise than a threat. You went to the store to gather ingredients for one of your friend's birthday cake. You could feel his  amethyst eyes burn into your body and mind. Just waiting for the perfect time to strike...which was ironically now.

"Ciao bella~" The voice sent shivers down your spine. Maybe it was your imagination, maybe he wasn't there and paranoia was getting the best of you? "I was looking all over our house for you~ I even asked that cat of yours~...what was his name? Iggy? the damned thing nearly scratched out my eyes!" You turned to him. You (e/c) eyes on the brink of tears.

"Please, don't hurt Iggy..." you croaked out shyly.

"Ah~ she speaks~" He sang and lifted up his arms. He snaked his arms around your waist and brought you into a sickening hug. Tears falling down now. He pulled you away you examining your face. His thumb wiping the tears. "now now _________!" How did he know your name..."No more tears! Besides i would never do anything to hurt you~"

"You wouldn't?"

"No. In fact, I think you are ok..." Your head perked up. 'finally good news'

"But I am not sure that's a good thing." He made his pocket knife trace over your chest.

~encounter(s) 3~

He was everywhere now. Everywhere. You would see him when you sneaked out of your house. Watching tv with your family. Occasionally a bathroom at a public place.

You were terrified. Well, at least he was handsome right? No, you weren't scared of that. You were worried about what he would do to you if you were ever alone. You began to lock your self in the room, only going out with friends. But that only stopped him from talking to you. He would still be there, watching,


As if you were falling deeper in to his traps. Into his mind games.

The creepiest part was that he would watch you sleep. You would wake up wide awake in the middle of the night. FEELING his stalking eyes watch you. You began to close your window and blinds, but that didn't help.

One time he found a way into your room. You nearly screamed.

"Shhhhhhhh~ Bella you wouldn't want me to make a reason for you to scream now, would you?" his playful words haunted you. Sometimes you tried to forget sleep altogether.

~The 4th encounter~

present time.

"You think I would forget?" He tilted his head, giving you puppy dog eyes.

"Wh-what? Forget what?"

"To say thank you." He leaned in forward. "And i am sorry..."

"For what?"

He leaned in, licking the shell of your ear.

"...For loving you."
my two favortie 2p's are always England und Italy
i wanted to do this first one on italy because he's HAWT
well, i have a stalker, and its not fun at all....he is not hot like italy!
anyway, heres an insert for all you stalker-perverts...*coughcoughmecoughcough*
i like comments as well :3
you best be faving
or else...

part 2!!:[link]
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SunnySunshine203 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ok IF someone dare to lay a hand to my Iggy I WILL SWEAR that he/she have to PAY
procrastinator-otaku Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
iggy is just too cute 
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What is (e/c)
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LunaMoonWolf00 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I had a stalker once, and the way I got rid of him is: 1. I know tai-kwan-tou, Brazilian Ju-jitsu, hokiko(I don't think I spelled that right), and karate. 2. I own and know how to use my 40 3/4" katana. 3. I waited until I saw the bastard again, then called the police when they refused to do anything I went over to him and scared him off with my sword.

I hope this helps with your little problem. o_~
procrastinator-otaku Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Mine actually got expelled from my school cause he made a death threat and I think brought a knife to school. So I think I won't see him anymore
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That's good I can't have one of my favorite authors dying!
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