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February 15, 2013
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                "Maybe we're meant to lose the ones we love,
                                  but I'll fight for you till then.
                                    And if they stole you from me,
                              on my arm there's a tattoo of your name."
                                    -Million Dollar Houses (The Painter
                                            -Pierce the Veil

You sat by the window of the  small room. You used you hand as a rest as you placed the elbow on the windowsill. You were on the second story of a building, so you could see from the fast blue skies, to the corrupted street. "Miss ______. Could you please pay attention?" The therapist said coldly. You lingered there for a moment before turning your body to your "friend." You stared into her eyes coldly. Then turned back to the window. "Miss _____ why don't face me-"

"I won't reply to that name..." You simply muttered. You could feel her questioning eyes. "My last name is Vargas. I'm married, remember? We had this discussion the first time we met." You had over one hundred sessions already. People said it was 'unhealthy' that you sided with Luciano.

A sigh escaped her lips. "This is why they won't let you go to court... Miss ______ you have Stockholm syndrome... it's very common for girls in this kind of situation." She explained for the hundredth-time.

"UUUGGGHHH" You slammed your head against the window. You just wanted to see him. It wasn't Stockholm syndrome! If anyone was to know about your feels, it would be you! You waited for the hour to end so you could at least go home to feed Iggy. You were positive that HE had more brains than she did.

A timer cut through the air sharply.

"Well, I guess that is it for now." She sighed again and closed her writing tablet she used to take notes. "Any more words before we end this?"  

"Will I ever get to see him again?" You asked quietly. You turned to her. Your (e/c) meeting her pity-filled soft blue ones. She gently shook her head. 'No.' You got up and rushed out the door; just wanting to go home.

You lived in the same house. Your mom's death wanted you to move out, but you couldn't. This house had too much memories. The good out weighted the bad. You were still walking house, even thought it was around 7:30... the sun was already gone, and the stars came into view. You removed all your extra layers. The chilling February air raking threw your body in the simple gust of the wind.

You really didn't have any trouble waking outside after dark. No thugs were manly enough to lay a finger on you.

"There goes the cursed Bella."

"Yeah, I heard that Luciano was supposed to take her on Valentines."

"Then why is she still here?"

You looked down as you hurried to your house. The roomers were nothing, you had gotten used to it. Most people tried to be nice to you out of pity, such as girls, and older ladies. But the men were a different story. They just down right avoided you. You found that hilarious. The only people who visited frequently was Romano and Germany, only to keep you safe though. Occasionally, Romano would bring you some kind of pasta-dish... you would always cry. It reminded you too much of Luciano.  

You got to your house as Iggy welcomed you in. You remembered that cold afternoon when you had met the Italian. Also, the warm August you were swept off your feet to the honey-moon. You changed into a simple white, mid-thigh night gown. You crawled into bed, trying to fall asleep. But, sadly, failing.

You missed your first Valentine's day together. Now, that stung. You felt the hot, liquid tears drip out of your eyes. You tightened the grip on your blankets, trying to find warmth. But, it wasn't supposed to be the blankets that gave you warmth, It was supposed to be Italy. He was supposed to hug you under the sheets, giving you that warm, fluffy feeling in your stomach.

You were so alone. You felt more tears make there way form your eyes, cutting paths along your red cheeks. You cried as the changing days wouldn't stop.... It had been 8 months and you were alone. You gently gripped the wedding ring in your fingers.

You had to smuggle your own wedding ring away from the FBI. Now if that wasn't messed up, you didn't even know anymore. Where was Luciano? Where was he too keep his promise. You cried your self to sleep like you did every night...

something else happened.  

                                   3:30... am.

The window creaked in protest as he made his way from the cold weather on the outside, to the also cold room of _______. The Italian curl bounced as he made his way to the sleeping figure. He lightly tapped the wet cheek. She was crying again.

"Luciano....?" she mumbled gently. The Italian smirked.

"Not yet ragazza." Romano carried her bridal style out the front door to the awaiting car. "Come on cat, or else we're leaving without you." He chimed. Iggy took no hesitation jumping into the car.


"Please wake up my love..." You scrunched your face up and turned your head towards the warmth of a soft beating heart.

"Too early." You said simply. You felt him chuckle.

"Come now bella, we haven't seen each other in ages~" He whispered. Your eyes snapped open.

"L-luci?" Your voice cracked as you sat up on his lap. You met his prized fuchsia purple  eyes. "You're... you're actually here." You cried. You gripped his tan military coat and buried your head into his chest. "I thought you were really gone!" You sobbed.

He wrapped his arms around you as he tried to sooth you. "Shhh.... I know Bella. It took me quite a long time to escape... they had me in maximum security. But that didn't matter. I will always find you bella." He kissed your forehead.

You cupped his cheeks and brought him into a sweet kiss. He stiffened in surprise then slowly, began to kiss back. He opened your legs as he let his hands rest on your hips. You connected your foreheads together. Tears now streaming down your cheeks.


"I'm sorry bella. I promise to never, ever put you through that ever again. You have my heart until I die." You kissed his cheek as you blushed.

"When will we start a family?"

"As soon as we get to Italy. I have some ties there, I could go in hiding, and no one will ever know where we are." You already knew Italy was probably and hour and a half away now. The jet was completely silent except the breathing of the both of you. You knew that you were on the plane the second you woke up, knowing Luciano, you already knew his plan. "I really want you to bare my children." He said casually.

"Eh?! B-but... now as soon as we get to Italy right?" You said. "W-we will get to do some other stuff?" You blushed.

"Nope. As soon as we land."

"Wh-wha...? WHY?!" You blushed even more. 'the nerve...!'

"I want my children to be conceived in Italy!" He pouted. "Besides, It wont hurt! It's not like it's your first time anyway~"

"Luciano!" You screeched.

"What? It's true! You jumped off that boat months ago."

"Th-that's personal though!" You covered your face trying to hide your blush. "And what makes you think I will be so willing?" You put your hands on your hips. He blinked.

"Because, I just know you." He said. "I will break you down so that you will practically be begging-"

You covered his mouth. "Shhhhh!!"

The turned to see that Germany had entered the room. "What? Germany? Aww, He's used to this kind of talk...He actually enjoys it." He mumbled the last part in your ear.

"WAHHH! I'm surrounded by perverts!" You yelled. You where about to fall back wards, but Italy caught you. He snaked his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek. He slipped your wedding ring on your finger, letting his hands linger there for a while.

"Come on _______. You and me together?"



                                                         "Forever and ever."          
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I got ssssoooo many watchers and fans for this fic...:iconitalypukerainbowplz:

Can everyone comment please? I want the ending to be the most popular ^^
GO OUT WITH A BING PEOPLE!! :iconvital-regions:

Anyway, I really did enjoy writing this! :iconbigheartplz: Thnk you everyone so much! I hope people don't un-watch me cause I am done with this series... FML.

Anyways... what exactly should I do next?
Like what character?
Or should I do request?


:iconp2italyplz: Well, I guess this is the end Bella... it was fun, you always have my heart~

Me: see? Italy will still love you

:iconp2italyplz: I love author-chan too! *Tackles* I will always love you for writing your first series about me. I really do appreciate it... and I am sure the fans do as well.

Well, that's all for now! I have to do like 5 reports that are due Tuesday!(I probably wont do them till Monday anyway...)

Well, g'night my bellas!

:iconmafiaitalyplz: <------- so fucking HAWT
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