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March 10, 2013
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"I wont let him have you _______." Al bent down to your eye level. "I won't loose you ever again." He cupped your chin, trying to make eye contact with you. Your (e/c) eyes would always dart to the side, not wanting to meet his bloody ones. "Doll, just look at me." You denied his request as you snapped your head away from his rough hands.

"I don't like you, nor will I ever."

"It was to protect you... I had to _______... I just had to."

::flash back::

You huffed as you ran around the school, your plaid skirt rustling as you did so. Where was he? You started to get worried now, Alfred SWORE he would take you to lunch today. Your worriedness soon developed into anger. "Oh HELL no! That ass-hole better not have forgotten me!" You stomped your foot on the ground as you folded your arms across you chest. "Well, whatever... who gives a shit..." You were about to turn back a round when-

"You're kinda cute, doll." A rough voice sounded from over your ear. You stopped. A blush burned its way onto your face as you thought to yourself. 'No way... that guy just had to show up when I was raging...' You turned around slowly as you met the man who was there.

"Er, sorry you had to see that... I got pretty mad just then." You scratched the back of your head as you looked at him. "Hey..." You pointed at the boy. "Are you by any chance related to Alfred F. Jones? ... Cause you look a lot like him..." You scanned him once more... yeah, just like him, but just different colors. The other scoffed.

"Hell no. But my name is Alfred though, but you can just call me Al though, doll." He winked at you. "But... what's your deal with you and Alfred? Are you two...?" You blinked then laughed, so hard that you clutched your stomach. He took off his pitch-black sunglasses as his red eyes stared at your face. "What's so f-funny?"

"I would never go out with Alfie... he's just too much of a player." You walked up to him, see the height difference made you a little uneasy, but you ignored it. "I'm ______ ______, one of his best friends." You held out your hand. "Would you like to spend the day with me?"

"A-as a date?"

"Wh-what?! No!" You blushed and hit his shoulder playfully. "Why would I-"

"_______! GET DOWN!" You were scooped into the hands of the familiar warmth of your best friend. His blonde hair was in a mess as he held you bridal style, his blue eyes filled with hatred as he stared at the other man. "Stay way from her!" He hissed as he clutched you closer.

"Alfred!? What the hell-"

"Come on, we're leaving." He turned away before you could even wave goodbye. You shot him a questioning gaze as he continued to walk away. "Just stay away from him ______. He's bad news." You felt your self shiver, you turned to see the man, but the was never there.

His red eyes gleamed with jealousy. Why did his 1p! always have to steal away his prey? It wasn't fair... Al scoffed. Whether Alfred approved or not, he will have you.


You jumped in surprise as you got up from your couch, setting your computer to the side. You walked over to your door, seeing a familiar red-head through the window of glass in your door made you jump. You unlocked it and opened it up. "Nice to see you again Al!" You piped up. He blush past you and made his way in.

"Eh, same, What's for dinner?" Your eyes twitched in annoyance.

"Excuse you? But I am not your slave."

"not yet.."


"Nothing. What's for dinner, women?" You followed him into the living room where he helped himself to sitting down on your couch. You walked up in front of him, blocking his view of the T.V. "Hey, what do you think your doing?" You questioned.

"I need to be entertained, ore else..."He pulled you onto his lap as he brought his face centimeters from yours. "...  I just can't contain my self." He whispered. You blushed brightly as you pushed him off.

"P-pasta is for dinner. If you don't like it get out." You turned around.


"piss off! I am not!" He licked his lips as he watched you stomp your way over to the kitchen. 'Damn, those hips don't lie....' he thought to himself.

"Watch out Alfie... you got another thing coming."

You started to see him more and more. Well, not intentionally. It was more like you started to see him everywhere. At the mall, your house, Panda Express. You were starting to get worried. When ever you would go out, he would be right next to you, like some kind of guard dog. He would never leave you alone. Well, unless Alfred came over, but you could still feel his gaze. You reached for your cell phone. You called the familiar number, hoping the hero would reply.

"Hey, Alfred, it's me." You said over the phone. "Yeah, could we hang-"

The line went dead as your breath got caught in your throat.


"Calling Other Me I see." Al's familiar voice sneered out. You felt your (e/c) eyes widen. Play it off innocent....

"Oh yeah! I just wanted to hang out, but I guess the phone is done or some shit-"

"Don't lie to me Doll!" He walked closer to you as you tried to sink into the wall. "What is it about him that makes him so higher up than me?!" He yelled at your face. You felt tears pool in your eyes, you haven't had someone yell at you like that in a long time... sense you decided to move out of your parents' house. You cried as he grabbed your phone and threw it on the wall. Then, he took a handful of your hair, gripped down on it, causing your head to tilt upwards. He gently kissed you on the lips,, but pulled away a second later. "I can't believe I just did that..." He mumbled. "But, I liked it." He crashed your lips together as you screamed inside your throat.

"P-please! Let me go!" You cried. He and grabbed your wrist, pulling you along with him, where ever he was going. You ripped your arm out of his grasp with immense strength you didn't even know you had. You ran into your bathroom, which was the closest room. You mentally smack your self for being so stupid, you HAD to go to the bathroom. Where there was no EXIT nor freakin' PHONE.

"_______? Doll face... where are you?~" He said in a sing-song voice. You shivered. He probably didn't see you run in here. You knew you had to calm your self, and control your breathing. You bit your lip and waited in silence.

THUMP         THUMP  

You heard his heavy footsteps as he twisted the doorknob. "There you are!" He began to kick down the door. You couldn't help it anymore, each kick, you would let out a scream. The door finally gave, as it flew just inches from your body. You curled up as he walked towards you. He bent down

 "You should of listened to Other Me... now,"

                                                            "You're mine."

:: present time::

"Please... I'll do anything... just let me go." You cried. He got his thumb and wiped your cheeks. He kissed your soft cheeks as you stiffened in fear. He stared at you threw his insane red eyes.

"Don't worry ________, I wont let the hero get you." He took off his tattered jacket as he placed you on his bed.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" You cried as he tried to take off your shirt. You shivered, not feeling comfortable underneath him.

"Don't worry _______, soon enough, you will feel safe and sound in my arms."
request for the lovely :iconyowanehaku5:

another 2p! :iconhappy2pamericaplz:

I was also thinking about doing:


Sweetdevil! AmericaXReader

annndddd maybe Iceland

:iconsexyamerica1plz: what do you bros think?

comments, favs and other crap is welcomed :iconluvluvplz:
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Hey kids
when you see Al, you should just accept your fate.
Because he'll rape you and then do more horrible things.
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*10 years later*

and thats the story kids, how i got raped. now im married to the rapist...

kids: D:
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